Remote Training Services


Individualised Remote Coaching - Fully Customised and Individualised Programming and Coaching

Looking to train towards a specific goal? Our individualised option is the option that suits you best. Whether it is training for sporting performance, tactical performance, or make life-long developments in your health and fitness. this option puts you as the individual first.

You have one coach who is there to be your co-pilot towards your objective. Receive a fully individualised program to suit to experience and objectives, delivered online. Chat with your coach, receive feedback on videos of your training, and have a program that can be adapted to your lifestyle as it changes. Your program is designed specially for you and factors in your lifestyle, objectives, equipment, and training experience.

This is perfect whether you train at a home gym, a commercial facility, or anywhere else.


Arc Barbell Conditioning - Templated Programming

Looking for a more economical option to get into remote training? Our templated programming still delivers a well designed program, that is applicable for a broad range of clients.

Access up to 3 sessions per week of a pre-designed program, each with a strength component and a short (10-15 minutes) conditioning component, with minimal equipment needs. At only $30 per month, it is a great way to get into online training and follow a progressive program to improve your strength and cardiovascular health.

This option does not include feedback or modification by your coach, but lets you start training with more focus. Demonstration videos, a training log, and an online record of your performance is all at your fingertips through your smartphone.

Here are a few FAQs we get:

Q. How long are the contracts for either option?

A. For the Arc Barbell Conditioning program we don’t use long term contracts, billing is month-to-month, cancel whenever you like! Individualised Remote Coaching requires a minimum 3 month commitment, and billing is also month-to-month.

Q. I have a group/small gym/sports team. Do you offer a form of group programming to suit our group goals?

A. Yes, we can develop programming for small or large groups. Pricing depending on the group size and the complexity of the programming. Book in for a free No-Sweat Intro call and we can work out a custom option for you and your group.

Q. Does the application you use work on different types of phones?

A. It currently only works on iPhone (an Android version is in the works!), but you can still access your programming through any web browser or email. We have worked with military clients deployed to operational theatres without relying on their phones for program delivery.

Q. What happens if I go off the grid for a period of time?

A. We can send you a month of programming to your email in advance, so you still have your workouts. Any longer, and we require you pay in advance for the subsequent months so we don’t get short-changed.