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If you've got a smartphone, you can train with us.
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Remote Coaching

Fitness, high performance, and more, from anywhere in the world. Using online delivery and the features of your smartphone, take your physical training program with you, with your own coach in your pocket, always. ARC is owned and operated by an experienced strength & conditioning coach with over 16 years of service in the military, including operational experience in Afghanistan. Whether you train in a commercial gym, work gym, or home gym, ARC can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

ARC Remote Coaching works with athletes of all sports, performing artists, tactical athletes (military, police, firefighters, etc), and anyone else who looking to maximise their physical performance for their sport, occupation, or hobbies.



All appointments are obligation free. Find out if remote coaching can work for you.



ARC took me from an avid gym goer with no knowledge or experience of powerlifting to someone who could comfortably compete in a powerlifting competition within 3 weeks. I was surprised at how smoothly they could coach me from the other side of the world, but it worked!
— Aly S
Pete’s qualifications and coaching style has meant I can delegate the science behind optimising my performance to him, allowing me to concentrate on doing the hard yards.
— Nick R
The visible (numbers and aesthetic) results in a short period of time reflect Coach Pete’s ability to seriously tailor individual programming to achieve the best results. Flexibility in Pete’s programming has allowed me to attain results I couldn’t have on my own, whilst at the same time enjoying a balanced life outside the gym.
— Matt S
Pete is a great coach and keeps you accountable in your training with regular check-ins to make sure you’re on track and getting results
— Caitlin S



I know the difficulties of a busy, modern life. I have a family, and over 16 years of military experience. Prolonged absences from home due to things like operational deployments to Afghanistan challenged my fitness journey. But I got through them.

And I am here to help you navigate your challenges towards your goals, regardless of your training background.

You call the shots, and I will do my part to help you achieve success for health or for high performance.

No matter where you are in the world, I am there as your coach in your pocket.



About Me


After a major injury, I struggled to find a training solution that would allow me to continue to train while serving in the military. So, I invested into making myself into the best coach I could be, able to be taken anywhere in the world.

After developing skills and knowledge as a coach, I wanted to help others in a similar circumstance to me. Through online/remote coaching, I have developed a training process for people looking to maximise their physical performance in demanding scenarios and competition.